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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Big Time Rant Please Read

I really don't like doing things like this, but what happened to me today was so god awful, I need to let all of you guys out west know. We have a Dover Saddlery shop right across the street from where I live.  I went over there to get a few things that Miss Kitt needed. And then I thought let's see about a foal halter. I know it's early, but I thought, well I'll just look.  The sales associate asked me what kind of foal we were having. Dumb me, I thought male or female. So I said, I don't know and I won't until the vet runs her tests. And then  she said, no I mean what breed. And I, whom an so proud of my girl and the stallion said "quarter horse." Guys, she acted like I farted, like a quarter horse was so beneath her that she was so appalled she was dealing with me.

Please ask you tack shop if they have an affiliation with Dover Saddlery, because they have a western branch and then remember Dover Saddlery hates Quarter Horses.


  1. What's the hair up her #&TT? I know...I get it all the time, since I have...gasp! rescue horses! Not purebreds, except my OTTB. People look down their noses all the time at my horses. Frankly, I could give a rat's A%%. My quarter horse can beat up their Paso Fino any day!

  2. I run into that a lot- especially around the open circuts. BUT at the last show in Rancho Murietta, there were some English type girls that just loved BOB and were surprised and thrilled that he was a QH- and they were surprised that he went English and they were double surprised that WE were so nice! JUat goes to show ya, it's not so much the breed as the handlers!

  3. Tommy told me, I had to tell the little twits to foff and die, which I can't do and try and educate the little girl,like the one I dealt with at the feed store today. Ok, I'm a loon. I bought a little purple foal halter. The girl asked me about the breed and I said, "quarter horse." She was dumbstruck for a minute and then said, "Well at least you'll get a good horse for children."

    He told me I have to educate these ninnies about the quarterhorse's brains and their wonderful temperments and their agility and speed.

    Oh well, Miss Kitt is my barn's favorite horse and everyone is so excited about the baby. This is a warmblood thourougbred breeding barn. They now have had first hand experience with a quarterhorse snd they know this baby is going to be the best baby they've dealt with.

    I guess we're just going to have to show them, which trust me we will.