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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Fawns Are Too Funny

I was sitting at my desk in my office when I saw that the doe and two fawns were foraging across the field.  Our house sits on a hill and in the winter you can see across several acres.  So I figured that I could give them a little snack, and I went outside and put out some food.  I called them and sure enough, up they came.

The fact that I can call them and they listen and then come, still after one year, amazes me.   So back inside I went and watched them.  The doe came first, hiding her fawn behind the tree line.  She has adopted an orphan fawn, but he doesn't seem to mind as her own.  He was out doing other things, not listening to mama. When she decided that the coast was clear, she somehow let her fawn know that it was safe to come eat.

So delicately, quietly, up came little Pixie and started eating. Seeing that everything was safe, Pamela, the doe left her on her own for awhile.  It didn't take Gus, gee I've named  the little orphan fawn, two minutes to come sproinging on up as if he had springs on the bottoms of his hooves.  He stood right in front of her as if to say, "Come on.  Let's play.  It's so much fun to sproing in the snow."  As if to prove his point, he began hopping around, looking at her.

You could just see her saying to him, "Oh no, mama says I have to stay right here and she'll be mad at me if I move.  Besides," she lowered her head and flicked her left ear, indicating the small grove of trees," Everybody knows that the horribly, hideous fawn eating monster lives in the deep woods.  And he is just waiting for the disobedient fawn to wander away from her mother to pounce and drag her away."  Pixie's eyes grew huge as explained.

"That," Gus dismissed as he landed on all four feet, "Is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.  Has anyone ever seen a fawn eating monster?  What exactly does this fawn eating monster look like?

Pixie licked her lips and thought for awhile and then said, "Well I really don't know, but Evie told me he had long fangs and sharp claws...."

"You are such a baby, " Gus laughed. "There is no such thing as a fawn eating monster."

"I am not and there is too"

It was at this junction that up popped Pamela and gathering the fawns,  she herded them down into the meadow.

A River Runs Through It

The it in question is my backyard and the river is snowmelt creating a small stream of sorts. I'd photograph it but it's too ugly to post.  I've finished up the processing for my latest photo shoot and delivered the job.  Now I'm taking a day off in order to clean.  Oh the trials of the busy photographer.  More later. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why I Hate This Winter

Why do I hate this weather, let me count the ways.  Here is a description of a typical day.
I get up at 5:00 am.  I do this so that I have time to work on my journal.  I take a shower, I fix my hair and then I get dressed to go to work.  Yes I have a job.  First I put on my underwear.  Then I put on my long johns and thermal tee.  Then I put on my work outfit.

I next head downstairs and feed the cats.  If I have a photo job after work I put my camera and heavy as lead lens in my work bag.  Then I stick my shoes in the work bag and put on my lined boots with ice walkers.  Then I put on my down jacket, hat and scarve and mince out to the car.   I drive to the light rail and then try and run while mincing to the train.  When I get downtown I get off the train and line up  to walk through the one cut through the snow mountain to cross the street.  Then I mince through the glare ice to get to the one cut through the snow mountain to cross the street to my job.  Once there, I head to the lady's room to take off my clothes, peel off my long underwear, put my clothes back on, and work for eight hours in a  high stress job.

Then I go to my photo assignment, take the shots, take the lightrail back home and head out to feed the deer.  After that I cook dinner, do the dishes, and drop exhausted into bed In order to start the whole nightmare over the next day. 

Oh yes, I do have photo processing deadlines, nervous brides and a horse I don't see, because I can't get there.  I promise you, I'm going to do a happy happy dance when it fineally is spring.

Grump, crab, whine, complain.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.  I hope you get to spend it with those you love most in the world.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is This Northern Maryland or Northern Siberia

The wind is howling, the snow is now four feet deep. It's another, yes another blizzard.  It's awful.  I'm so worried about the wild things.  What will they eat?   They can't get to anything.   Little Pixie is still so small, I don't know if she is physically able to get to the food I set out.   I'm digging and redigging my path to feed the deer, and I continue to toss seed for the birds; but what about the squirrels and the rabbits and raccoons, not to mention Roxie? I can't feed every animal in the watershed, and even if I could,  I can't get to them.  I can hear the trees cracking and breaking apart.  This whole nightmare is just too awful.

They just announced on the tv that we won't be back to bare pavement for 72 hours.  And after that cheery bit of news, they announced that we can expect another miserable storm next Monday into Tuesday.  Because there is so much snow, the city of Baltimore is resorting to dumping it in the harbor.  I don't like to think of the pollution ramifications of that. But I do understand why they're doing it.  People have to walk in the street because the sidewalks are under at least two feet of snow, and it just keeps on snowing.

I heard an ugly rumor that because of ocean currents and sunspots, this is what winter is going to look like for the next 30 years.  Maybe I'll invest in snow shoes for getting around and learn how to dog sled.

Something Fun To Do While It Snows

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010

  We had a record breaking snowfall, Friday night into Saturday. Here's all I have to say about it, "OK California, do you ever send us your 70 degree, low humidity bright sunshiny days?  No, you don't so why are you pushing all your miserable weather on us? This is so unfair.  In these pictures you are looking at over three feet of snow. 

"Three feet? " I can just hear all of you from the western states. "You are such a little weenie!  Try ten feet and then we'll talk."

But we are so not used to anything like this.  This is the most snowfall the state has had in one event, since they started keeping records.  And it's like walking through cement.  It's awful.  Tommy and I have been shoveling snow for two days.  Well he's shoveling more than I am.  Someone has to keep the home fires burning.

I went out back yesterday to try and feed the deer and couldn't go two inches. Then I slipped and fell.  It was horrible.  I lay on my back and tried to turn over so I could regain my footing.  When I fineally managed to get upright, it took ten minutes to get back to the house.

I hoped that they wouldn't try to get here, but two of them did.  It was obvious their walk had been difficult and they were tired.  I walked out on the deck and the look that they gave me was heartbreaking.  Tommy came out and said, "Don't worry girls we'll get something figured out," as they left. 

He then turned and asked me what type of containers we had he could hurl out there, so I looked around and found an old plastic pretzel bin which I filled with food.  He threw it  almost out to the tree line and this morning I saw from the tracks in the snow that they had found it. So, today, I decided I would shovel a path as far as the container.  I didn't have to shovel all the way down to the ground, just deep enough enough so that I could walk.  It worked, I did it.  I got their feed down to where I know they'll find it.

Oh yes, muck boots and ice walkers are wonderful.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh Goodie It's Going to Snow AGAIN

Oh jump for joy it's going to snow again this weekend, and I do mean snow.  They're talking about 20 to 26 inches.  As we say in the south, "isn't that nice." Tommy has a huge work project this weekend, so guess who's going to be snowblowing and shoveling, yours truely.  Tomorrow instead of going to Michaels and spending quality time with the fibers, beads and crystals, I'm going to the feed store and buy my deer feed.  Then I'm shlepping the 50 pound bags around the house.  Oh yes and Monday I'm shooting a ribbon cutting ceremony in the morning, so no matter what I'll be heading downtown.  My heavens won't it be fun to ride the snail rail carrying a camera bag, tripod, purse and bag with my shoes. 

Horse, do I own a horse? I can't get to the barn and when all this disgustingness melts, it's going to be mud city around here. The mud gets to be as slick as glare ice.  I know, I've slipped on it more than once.

Oh well, if you can't do anything about it, complain and whine alot. :)