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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jolie at Four Months Old Angel Halo/Devil Horns

Jolie is really most of the time the sweetest of peas.  She comes running up to the fence when she hears my car, she follows me around the pasture when I'm working with Kitt.  Here are her accomplishments thus far.

1.   She stood like a real little trooper for the fairer, in fact he said she was remarkably well behaved and the best foal he had ever trimmed. 

2.   On a lead line she can walk in circles and figure eights as well as just going forward being led on both sides.

3.  She  only flinched a little when I put the bath towel on her back and now it's such non item, I'm thinking of moving on to a saddle blanket next.

But then just when you think this is the best baby horse in the world, the halo starts to slip and two little devil horns sprout out of the top of her head.  Here's what she does, she gets a certain look on her face, she flattens her ears and starts switching her tail.  Then she bunches up turns her back on you, wiggles her butt as she gets ready to kick, and receives an immediate smack on the rump. After a "what the hell" run, she comes back all nice and sweet, but the horns are still there and then she turns and gets another smack on the rump.  There are some times when I'm working with her, I feel like a monster.  This bad behavior has returned. She hasn't done it for over a month. But most of the time, she really is the sweetest of peas.

PS:  I never work with her for over five minutes.  She's just a baby and needs to play.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

And Then There Were Three

We decided to introduce a gelding into the pasture with Kitt and Jolie since it was time little Miss Jolie learned some manners from another adult horse.  To say she was becoming a brat was an understatement.  With a lot of consulting with the barn owner, we decided to introduce Mr. Promise to our little group.  The only trouble with that, was that Mr. Cougar, the alpha gelding, boss horse and grand imperious poobah of all was not happy with  the situation.

Here we have Mr. Cougar letting Mr. Promise understand just how not happy he is with this.

Mr. Cougar is the guy with the ears back and Mr. Promise is the guy running away.  Well about half way down the pasture, it occurred to Mr. Promise that there was absolutely nothing Mr. Cougar to do to him.

So he proceeded to turn around and gallop back to the girls, putting on a big show when he got there.

Check out the girl to the left, that's Miss Magic, the alpha mare and Cougar's girlfriend.  Well she was so appalled by this revolting development, that she turned and let Cougar have it.

Well if Wednesday was Jolie's bad day, Saturday was certainly Cougar's.  And as for Miss Jolie, her bratty behavior has evaporated, for now at least.  I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Very Bad Day - Jolie

Jolie:  Here's what happened, yesterday.  My mother was not paying any attention to me at all.  She was spending all of her time making goo goo eyes over the fence at the boy horses.  Just when I thought this was going to be the boringest day of my life, Maia and Tommy show up with carrots. YUMMY.

Well I went over to them to get my carrot pieces and do you know what happened?  That big old boy horse, Cougar came over and they gave him some of my carrots.  Yes they did. They gave him my carrots. So, being little and cute I snuck over there and tried to take it out of his mouth. Do you know what he did. HE BIT ME!!!  The big ogre bit me.

Big horses are not suppossed to bite little horses that's not allowed.  So I was really mad and I figured if he could be mean and do things that were not allowed, so could I.  So plotting what I could do and who I could do it to, I turned around and got ready to.., when a hand came down and SMACKED ME ON THE BUTT and Tommy said, "No you don't." So, I turned around and got ready to look big and mean when Maia smacked me and yelled, "That is not nice." I was beside myself.

Maia: So she took off running and bucking around the pasture. It was almost as though she was moving in time to Michael Jackson's song, I'm Bad, except in her case, it was I'm Mad. I'm Mad, I'm really Mad. I don't know what was funnier, the look on her face when Cougar bit her, the way she changed the pleading, "I'm little and helpless, so please don't hurt me, " mouth motions that foals make; into a shocked an affronted, "I'm little and helpless and that big oaf bit me;" or the way she ran around. It was hilarious.   She ended  it by stomping off into the run in shed and sulking in the corner.  I guess we've all had days when nothing goes right.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Enough Already

Alright angry weather gods, I have personally had it.  This rain has plucked my very last nerve. We have had one solid week of hurricane streangh rain.  The bridge I have to cross in order to get to the highway to go to work is underwater.  I can't get to my horses because the road leading up to the farm is flooded. Forget trying to get to gas station or the grocery store. Oh I can get there, I just have to go 15 miles north in order to get on the highway, come back fifteen miles to get to the store which is two miles from my house.  Why because the expletive deleted bridge is underwater.  Trees are falling everywhere and homes and businesses are ruined.  And if all of this wasn't peachy enough, the state's authorities have now said that the Susquehana River which is flooding everywhere is filled with raw sewage, toxins and hazardous waste; and all of these lovely things are going to be dumped into the bay, not to mention ruin entire towns.

I realize those poor Texans have it much worse, but jeesh enough is enough.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Jolie at Three Months

Well folks here she is:

The first time she tried this move, she landed on Kitt's back.  The uh oh look on her face was priceless. And then she got stuck and couldn't quite figure out how to get down. After receiving the "stink eye" from mom, she managed to wriggle off.  The whole thing was so upsetting, Jolie had to nurse for reassurance.  I don't know who reassuring it was, because Kitt turned around and bit her twice on the butt.

Here they are playing follow the rope.  Tommy is pulling a rope and the two of them had their noses to the ground following it.  I know Kitt looks skinny.  We're doing everything we can to fatten her up.

Running fast and I do mean fast.

More later, have a good week.