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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guest Bloggers - Heaven Help Us -It's Dweezil and Squig

 "Hi, I'm Dweezil"

"And I'm Squigg.  Actually my name is Squigman Igmeouwkowski.  I was named for a character in a classic work of art."

Dweeze here, "I would hardly call Laverne and Shirley a "quote classic work of art."

S.  "Well at least people don't think I'm some kind of weasel. Didn't that lady last week say, Weasel's a weird name for a cat.  He doesn't look like a weasel and so on."

D. "Would you just get on with it."

S. " OK, Cindy Sue, we're so glad you're feeling better and we can really commiserate, well sort of commiserate with what you went through.  Dweezil and I were both attacked by a coyote.  But being that we're cats, we could climb trees, so all he could do was bite us on the butt. "

D. " She, the coyote was a girl."

S. "How do you know that."

D. "What kind of a perverted boy coyote would bite a boy cat on the butt."

S. "A hungry one and Dweezil, would you watch your mouth.  This is a family blog.  As I was saying the coyote bit us on the butt, not at the same time, but separately, and we had to go to the vet and get shots and stitches and wear collars. It was awful."

D. "We hate the vet."

S.  "You don't.  That's where you go get your hairdos."

D." I do not get hairdos."

S.  "Do too.  What do you think happens to someone when he goes in looking one way and comes out looking different.  And I'm not talking about "the procedure."  What he gets is a hairdo, and Dweeze even gets a hairdo down  there."

D. "That does it,  come here you little twerp and I'll hairdo you."

Maia:  "Boys that's it!  What's all this talk about perverted boy coyotes and hairdos down there.  Stop smacking each other this instant.  You promised you'd be nice. I thought you wanted to tell Cindy Sue how glad you were, that she's recovered.  And just like last time I let you blog, you turn it into, well you turn it into something ridiculous.  Now apologize to Cindy Sue this minute."

"We're sorry Cindy Sue and we were keeping our paws crossed for your complete recovery from the minute we found out."


  1. Ha ha! I'm happy that Cindy Sue recovered too. Photography question: What do you do about overbearing clients who want to direct the photo shoot and control your every move? Today I wanted to take just a few test photos of dogs in the yard playing at the Animal Shelter, and this lady wouldn't let me take a picture of a black dog without a bandanna or something to bring out some color, and then she ushered me over to the spot where the sun would be behind me and told me I had to crouch down on the ground, etc. These were all things I planned to do, but the lady was literally pushing me around before I could even get the settings set up on my camera.

  2. If they are paying you, you smile and say sure, we can do that. I personally would never photography a black animal in direct sunlight, if you expose for the background, the black is too black and if you expose for the black, the background is blown.

    You have to let client personalities roll off you. Just repeat to yourself, they are paying me, they are paying me. Or, if it's a freebie, I need this for my website.

  3. Very cute post, Sounds like these two cats are a couple of real characters. Glad they survived the coyotes too.

    I know from experience it's hard to get detail photographing black horses although cloudy days make better shots than sunishine.

  4. Howdy Dweezil 'n Squigg...Cindy Sue here!!!!

    Thank you so much for crossin' yer paws fer me...I know it helped a lot! The good news is that I'm completely recovered now too!!! I sure was tired of wearin' that neck thingy.

    Now, you two need to be VERY careful around them dang sneaky coytoes...every one of them is matter how nice they seem to you...they're out to eatcha fer breakfast, lunch or dinner!

    I know we live a long way from each other, but we need to stand in solidarity...and fight against them lousy coyotes...are ya wiff me?!?!?

    Good...I knew ya would be~

    Now, take care of yer momma...'n maybe try not to cat smack each other so much ;~)