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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bring Up Baby - Week Two

This week has been all about the record breaking heat.  We've had heat indexes over 100 and code red air all week.  The poor little girl could only go out for an hour first thing in the morning, before the heat and humidity got unbearable.

It's been about the heat and her foal heat diareah.  Yes, here I am the chief cook and hiney wiper.  Every evening out I go with my bucket and my sponges and my desitin and wash and wipe. Jeesh the poor little filly, or maybe it jeesh, the poor little owner.  Anyway she's been a real little trooper, throughout.  She's leading better everyday and tolerating her wiping.   She still comes up when she sees me, even with sponge and bucket in hand. So I suppose we're still on the right track.  If this doesn't clear up in the next few days, it's time for the yogurt.

Next week it's going to be a lot cooler, so I'll have pictures.


  1. Oh, I feel you on the hiney wiping, glad she's being cooperative! Glad all is well with you and your girls.

  2. Awww poor hot babe! Keep up the good work! Yogurt is not a bad idea either...

  3. What a sweet thing to let you help her like that...I'm sure she feels much better after a good washing... especially with the heat like it is...stay cool~