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Friday, April 13, 2012

At Last

Well folks, I finealy have a cowgirl.  It's only taken me twenty three years.  Her mother went "ooh, I have poop on my shoes," when I tried to introduce her to the wonderful world of horses. So I figured ten was too late to make introductions. Not wanting to let that happen again, I decided eighteen months was just about right.  Here's what happened when I took her to the barn.

As we were driving up the driveway, her eyes got huge and she started jumping around in her car seat, yelling "hoses, oh hoses."  She could hardly wait to run up to the fence and here's what happened when I introduced her to my other little girl.

And she didn't want to leave.  We almost had to pry her away.  Oh yes, her first word, after mama, dada and the ever popular, "no" was hoses. That's pronounced with a soft o

Maybe it's too soon, but I think I've got one.  Oh yes, to continue the excitement, I intend to take my phone and skype at the barn.  Red hair and loves horses. It just goes to prove that if you're willing to wait, you sometimes actually get the whole enchilada.

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  1. Awesome! I think my own first horse experience was at that age and I have never looked back!