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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Gift In My Garden

This crab apple tree was a gift from the birds. I had nothing to do with it, but I love it.  I shot this picture with my Nikon point and shoot. I shot in program mode, stopped down 1/3.  I didn't like the fstop, so I changed it to f4 for flowers. I changed it to a tiff, resized it for the web and uploaded it into picnik.  In picnik, I used curves (which all of you have got to understand and use,) then used vibrance and added a frame. 

I wanted to teach you guys how to use exposure compensation, to fix your washed out blown out shots.  I have shot white flowers, white horses, white buildings in the middle of the afternoon, but I can't get the right washed out shot. Go figure, when I was starting out, I had nothing but washed out shots.  While I'm attempting to get this bad shot, I'd like you all to start to be aware of the light. Look at the light in the morning, midafternoon and the evening.  As the rat once told me, good photography is nothing more than romancing the light.


  1. Good advice, now if I can only utilize it!
    Romancing the light is very nice!

  2. I'm trying to understand the techno language. I'll be one of your slow learners...I've only got half a clue (meaning I understand about half of what your saying)...but please don't stop! I DO notice a huge difference in the time of day (the lighting) and how it makes such a huge difference in the photos...but many times I can only get what I get because when we're out there doing a job (working cattle) that's just the way it is. So my goal is to be able to set my camera for poor lighting and fix the rest with editing.

  3. Check out my next post. It will tell you how to fix that.