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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some More Fun to Have in Picnik

Original shot

Not bad now let's see what we can do with it:

Went into Create, Effects and Changed it to a black and white, then went to curves and on the tab that says Custom, I clicked on it to open it up, then I clicked on TriX400 (a black and white film setting), then I went back to straight Curves and raised the line in the middle.  Back to Edit, Sharpen Advanced. setting .07 at 50% added a frame and there you are.

Warning, next lesson will be about the almighty fstop. Here's a hint, I want you to think that the f in fstop stands for focus as in, in this shot what do I want to be in focus. Start using your display button when your taking your pictures and look for the f number, that's the fstop.

Till then.

PS: I'm shooting a wedding on Saturday, so I'm going to have to squeezed this in.


  1. When you say you raised your line in the middle, to which line are you referring? Looks the same to me... help me understand.....

  2. When I went to curves and clicked on custom, the TriX400 setting darkened the picture too much, so I went back to curves. When you click on it, you get a box with a diaganal line. You take your cursor and move to the center of the line, click on it and raise the line in the middle. It lightens the midtones.