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Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm Back

Well, I had planned to do some whiny little post about the "Summer of My Discontent" where everything went to hell in a hand basket.  They combined three hospital;, my niece ran away from what we now call her insignificant other, arriving back east with her things, two dogs and a two year old; my filly had a hideous hock injury which went from being life threatening to performance squashing, to healed completely with no ill effects, and oh yes, my mother broke her pelvis.  Gee can life get any more fun than this? Oh I guess this a whiny little post.  Oh well.

Anyway, some nice things happened out of all of this.  I lost ten pounds, have gotten into really good shape, and have started writing again.  Who'd a thunk it. Well now on to the point of this post.  It's fall and the light and color really won't get this good again until April, so make the most out it. I took these shots with my walking around camera and edited them in PS and PicMonkey.  OK Vaquero Girl stop laughing right now.  I know what I said, so now I'm taking it back.  Don't I get some credit for fessing up? So here's what I like from this week.

So now on to my very first book review.  Something that I'm not very good at, but oh well.  The book is Dixie Divas, by Virginia Brown. For those of you who are serious, intellectuals and like books featuring torture, neurotics and tedious amounts of introspection, you can walk away now, this book is not for you. But for the rest of you, first a piece of advice:  DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IN A PUBLIC PLACE WHILE ENJOYING ANYTHING LIQUID, if you don't want a totally humiliating experience featuring said liquid and your nose to occur, it's that funny.  If you laugh like a hyena, you might want to skip reading it in a public place period.

Now what is this book about. It's about a group of ditsy middle aged women who enjoy life immensely and solve a murder.  I've given some thought to whether only southerners would find this funny and the rest of you, after a chapter or two; would toss it away, thinking to yourself, "only a superficial wombat would like this book,and Maia what does that say about you!"

Well that's all for now.  Stay tuned.  If I can get away from the hospital, the barn, and the ongoing soap opera featuring my family, I will be back next Sunday.  About the soap opera, I'm having a real hard time deciding which one of them will get the Betty Davis award this year, for the most over the top dramatic performance by an actress in a tortured role. 

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  1. OH MY!! I do love the PicMonkey! Kudo's for admitting it works for some stuff!
    I've made a note of said book, and will look for it at the local bookstore! I am always in need for something fun and fast to read!
    Glad your filly is better!
    I am loving my little gelding and will post about him soon!
    Take care!
    PS San Francisco is still waiting for you!