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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Don't faint, but I'm sorta, kinda back.  More or less.  Well I'll be back if everyone stays healthy.  Crossing fingers, toes and eyes.We here in the East get winter and here's what it looks like:

Now it is Super Bowl Sunday and the Ravens are playing and they are playing the 49ers, sooo.... Let the best team win.  Hopefully, I'll be back with some more pictures before summer.


  1. Hi Maia! Glad to hear from you! How are Kitt and Jolie doing?

  2. Well Jolie is getting over rain rot, and Kitt is recovering from Hock issues and in the middle of the whole mess, I was contemplating a trip to the funny farm. But things are quieting down. I'm going to do a post about Jolie and hopefully the guys out west can give me some advice. She's not sick or doing anything bad. But I think she's a natural cutter.

  3. Welcome back. Well, your Team kicked my Teams asses last night. We had too many mistakes! Congratulations to the Ravens! Now- tell us all about your ponies!