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Sunday, June 23, 2013

And Then There Were Three Part 1

Squig could sense the mouse.  He followed it with a type of prey sensing radar hardwired into the brain of each and every cat.  Quietly, he tracked it's movements. Silently, he followed it, never taking his senses off it for one minute. And thenl he was close enough.  Coiling himself up, he sprang, landing, as expected on the mouse and bumping into something small, white, fluffy and furious.  That was not expected.

"That's  my mouse," it squeaked. "I caughtted it, now give it to me!"

Squig sat back, taking his time, while inwardly chuckling as he watched the show in front of  him. "Well, he began, "if this is your mouse, why do I have it?"

"You have my mouse," It said, laying its tiny ears back and puffing itself up to the size of a respectable snowball, 'because I caughtted it and you stoled it. Now give it to me!"

"OK, OK, let's calm down here" Squig reasoned, "We can find a solution to this problem. Let's suppose I do give this mouse to you.  What are you going to do with it?"

"Why, I would rip it to pieces and gobble it down." The kitten replied marching around in attempt to look very scary and ferocious.

"Hmm," Squig said thoughtfully, "and just how many mice have you eaten in the past month, twenty"

It shook its little head no.

"Ten, no. How about five, no.  What about two.  Have you ripped two mice to pieces and gobbled them down?"

No again.

"Well if you haven't ripped any mice to pieces and gobbled them down, how about birds, no, squirrels, no, rabbits or rats? What about bugs?  Have you torn any bugs to pieces?

"No, bugs are gross!"

"Well then what do you eat?

"I eat my special kitten food in my special pink kitten bowl."

"OK, so here's what we're going to do." Squig laughed, lifting one paw and planting it firmly on the kittens back, holding it down while lifting the other paw to free the mouse. "We're going to let this mouse go and then I 'm going to walk you home, so you can eat some of your special kitten food in your special pink kitten bowl."

"No," it said miserably.  You can't walk me home.  I don't have a home."

"Everybody has a home," Squig replied kindly, and I'll bet you'll recognize it the minute you see it.  I also bet your humans are out looking for you right this minute. They're probably really worried, so let's get going."

"No they're not.  They dropped me off in this field this morning and told me I had to live here now.  Then they drove away."

Squig was shocked.  This was a development he had not foreseen and it troubled him, greatly.


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