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Sunday, July 21, 2013

And Then There Were Three Part 2

"Now the thing to remember about Dweeze," Squig whispered looking down at his small companion,"is that he's very particular.  So you have to be on your best behavior at all times when he's around"

"I got it," she chirped happily looking up at him.  "I must always remember that the Dweeze thinks he's elegant and refined and that he's very particular."

He was taking her home.  What else could he do, leave her out there to starve or be some kind of tasty appetizer for the coyote. It all seemed logical and the right thing to do when they were in the field.  But somehow, standing here about to go in the house, ten million nervous worries were attacking from every angle.  He knewexactly what Dweezil was capable of when provoked; but trying to figure out just how provoked he was going to be by a new family member, was enough to make him want to go screaming back into the field.

Miss Annabelle Snowbalinski, however had no such worries or nervous trepidation, so she marched confidently into the kitchen, calling out, "Oh Dweeze, come and see me, I'm here."

Squig scrambled after her and arrived just in time to see Dweezil saunter around the corner and stop dead in his tracks as he observed the newcomer.

"So Squigman," he" hissed who or what is this?"

"Hiya Dweeze," She chirped walking up to him. "I'm Annabelle Snowballinski and I'm very pleased to meet cha."

Dweezil's ears went back and his tail started to twitch.  He was in the process of puffing himself up to twice his size, when the little interloper looked up at him and said, "Squig's told me all about you."

Squig smacked his paw up against his head.  Why hadn't he insisted that she call him Mr. Dweezil.  This was not going well at all.  He was just at the point of running to her rescue, when she chirped, "but he didn't tell me you were sooo cute."

Dweezil deflated like a balloon and his ears came forward and he curled his tail around his legs.

"You have to be the handsomest cat I've ever seen."

Was she batting her eyelashes at him.  Squig was dumbfounded.

"Squig told me you were all elegant and refined.  And so I was wondering, if it wasn't too much trouble, if you could show me how to be a lady."

"Oh my dear child," Dweezil cooed, "Of course I can show you how to behave." he purred walking over to her and kissing her ears. "You have just given me a wonderful idea.  A knew theme.  Perfection.  Now there's just one thing. He," Dweezil said pointing a claw in Squig's direction, "may be called Squig.  But I am always to be referred to as Mr. Dweezil." he smiled wrapping a paw around her. "Do you understand."

"Oh yes sir. Mr. Dweezil, I understand."


Of all of the outcomes Squig could have perceived, this was not on the list.  And whenever Dweezil came up with a new 'wonderful idea,' it always meant trouble.

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