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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finding Home

Dweezil sat at his desk looking at his well pawed copy of Feline Entrepreneur, the Chef's Edition.  He had bookmarked four possibilities and he looked over them one last time before he made his final decision.  It would be his decision after all.  He'd told the others that they'd have a say in where they landed.  But the decision was ultimately his.  He'd figure a way to convince it was all of their decisions once he'd finalized his plans.

Le Chat, a chic bistro in New York City was his first choice.  It was everything he'd ever dreamed of and more.  From the decor to the location to the described clientele,  it was just perfect. Perfect, except for one tiny flaw.  It was just perfect for him.  Trixie would never be able to manage that sophisticated a wait staff.  They'd be on to her in a minute. And Squigman, what would he do?  And Annabelle, when he thought about all of the temptations and trouble a pretty little kitten could get herself into; he knew that he'd have to pass.

That left, The Cozy Inn in Felandria, Minnesota.  The description looked good.  A cheerful place where the happy clientele came in from the cold to warm up to delicious food and good company.  But he'd had enough of the polar vortex to last a lifetime and so anyplace in Minnesota was out of the question.

Then there was the Sea Shell Cafe in Key West.  Too hot.  He'd have to spend a fortune getting himself shaved and what was the point of having long hair if you had to spend your life looking like Squigman.  So that was out.  It was a pity because he was testing out some new seafood recipes, he like to offer.  But the thought of spending his days with short hair, was a price he wasn't willing to pay,

La Cantina, in Taos, New Mexico.  He could see them all thriving in that artistic town.  But he didn't know any Mexican dishes and he knew enough to know that learning on the job was not an option.

That left the Cat City Cafe in Cat City, Colorado. It was described as a thriving yet intimate establishment, where the patrons came for a good time and good food and always left with a satisfied smile.  Cat City was described on it's website as the garden spot of the San Madres.  A town founded by silver with a golden future.  The wild west tamed by intellect and sophistication.  It was in short, a place anyone would be proud to call home.

So it was decided.  They were moving to Cat City, Colorado.

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