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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Winds of Change Part IV - An Agreement is reached

"You're going to move?" Trixie asked deflating like a balloon.

"Trixie, my dear," Dweezil said smiling over at her. "I said we're going to have to move.  Just think about the opportunities a new location will provide.  We can all make a fresh new start.  See new things, meet new freinds. Create a whole new life for ourselves."

Dweezil looked over at her as his words sunk in. She could go somewhere brand new where no one had ever heard of Dominatrixie.  She could be that respectable, in charge professional that been hiding underneath all of those layers of sleaze.  She could be Ms. Trixie Catotski, Manager, the boss of all she surveyed.  Taking a deep breath and squaring her shoulders, she said primly, "I couldn't let you start a business all by yourself, of course I'll come with you."

Yvette, seeing the long line of lonely, viril bachelors of a certain age fading into nothingness, said, "Son, I couldn't let you move to a place where you didn't have family.  Of course I'll go with you."

"What about me, father," Annie squeaked. "I want to go too.  I want to go too."

"Anneabelle, of course you're coming with us.  There is no way we would leave without you."

"But you could leave without me," Squig screamed jumping up.  "Every last one of you could leave me sitting here all by myself."

"Why no, Squigman," Dweezil said pleasantly, "Of course you are coming with us.  We are not moving without you."

Squig sat down and looked as three pairs of female eyes stared over at him, all of them just daring him to mess up this glorious opportunity.   And in that instant, he knew what Dweezil had done.  Without asking him directly, he fixed so that he had to move, whether he wanted to or not.

"Allright, Dweezil," he grumped. "Count me in.  I'm coming with you to where ever it is we are going."

"Thank you Squigman," Dweezil purred. It wouldn't be the same without you.

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