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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Finding Home Part IV - The Cat City Cafe

Trixie rushed into the den, barely taking the time to take off her coat and scarf. "Dweezil, so tell me all about our new restaurant. She cried out breathlessly, "I can hardly wait to hear all about it.

"Trixie sit down and catch your breath, " Dweezil smiled as he walked over to the desk and removed a full color brochure.  Putting on his reading glasses, he opened it and began reading.

"The Cat City Cafe is the only establishment in Cat City owned by descendants of the founding family.  In 1884, Louella Katz defied her father and opened a saloon and restaurant catering to the hoards of miners flooding the town.  Word spread quickly  of her fair prices and delectable meals and soon the Cafe was the largest and most well known establishment in the county.  From that time until the present day, it has been wholly owned and operated by a female member of the Katz family. It's doors have remained open in even the hardest of times.  During the great depression it served as the town's soup kitchen. And in every armed conflict, From World War I to the current action in Afghanistan it has served as a little reminder of home for our brave service cats in action."

Trixie listened intently, but something was bothering her so she had Dweezil read it again.  And finally after hearing it for the second time, asked, "But Dweezil what kind of food are they serving at the Cafe?"

To find out exactly what is being served at the Katz City Cafe go to

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