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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Maia's No Fail Weight Loss Program Week 3

I skipped a week, sorry about that.  Now on to the next step,  I hope all of you are eating your three meals a day and taking your time while your eating,  Now on to the next step,  Those three meals are all you are going to eat.  Now I know that most of the weight loss programs out there encourage you to eat several healthy snacks a day, why aren't I?  Because I happen to know how fast that apple or celery sticks can turn into an entire bag of chips or a dozen chocolate chip cookies.  So no more snacks.  If you get hungry, I'm going to introduce you to a thin person's best friend, Tums. Tums are calcium which we could all use a lot of and they take away hunger. Hunger, unless you're living in a third world country and your starving, is mostly an over acid stomach.  So take two Tums and anticipate your wonderful next meal. That's all there is to it,

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