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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maia's No Fail Weight Loss Program Week 2

Now I'm sure that you all have been eating three meals a day, right? Now that wasn't too hard was it? This week, I'm going to add something to that.  I want you to take at least a half an hour to eat each meal.  Why, because most people who are heavy are mindlessly and quickly shoving down the food  I know I did.  You are eating so quickly that you don't even have time to taste what your putting in your mouth.  And that's a problem.

When you start to slow down the meals, you are going to really, maybe for the first time, in a long time, taste what you are eating. Does all that grease and fat really taste good? I don't think so.  So this week I want you to really taste your food. You can do it.  And while your at it, make a list of what you like, when you really taste it and what you can do without.

How hard is this?  Now I've heard that some southern university has published a study that says if you count how many times you chew and you only chew 1000 times, you are guaranteed to lose weight.  Well who in their right mind has time to count how many times they chew their food?  Just slow it down and you'll do fine.

Oh yes, if  any of you want to see how Dweezil and Squig are doing out west, head on over to:

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  1. Am trying to stay away from those delicious carbs. Thanks 4 advice