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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Truth About Some Cats

Just look at the picture below me.  How old do you think that cat is.  Four weeks, four months.  NO, he's four years old.  And how much do you think that teensy,weensy little thing weighs.  Fourteen pounds, if he's an ounce.  Now I, on the other hand am three years old and weigh, eleven pounds.  And I'm going to set the record straight.

I was born an only child and spent my gently raised toddler time in a gracious home; while some cats were born in a barn.

Maia here:  All right you two the inmates are not taking over the asylum.   Sorry guys.  You've had your say.  Now what pithy and insightful thing was I going to post.  Hmm...

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