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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where We Live

I live in Maryland and share my life with my husband, Tom, cats, Dweezil and Sqigg and horse, Miss Kitt.  My backyard borders the an area called the watershed.  It is protected by law and contains acres of open fields,woods, rivers and streams.  Up until a year ago, I considered it nice.  As in isn't it nice that no one can build where I can see them. But that was about the only positive thing I could say about it.  Mainly I considered it a breeding ground for the insects that ate my roses, the weeds that choked my garden, and the ticks that never seemed detered, by my liberal application of repellent. Dweezil, being 1/2 maine coon cat is the original tick magnet. Oh yes it was also home to the black snake that ate my garden toad, the ferral cat who periodically beats up my guys, and the squirrel that decimates my bird feeder.  It was not exactly my favorite place on earth.  But all of that was about to change.

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