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Friday, January 22, 2010

Deer Update

Here's an update on the family. It's been a fantastically hard winter for them, so I've started feeding them. Before, I'd set out a few treats, but now it's horsefeed. When I come home from work, they're waiting for me. I get the food in the bucket and in a very low voice say, "ok guys, it's coming. You know the drill. You walk away and I put down the food." Then they walk down the hill and wait. From time to time I can see Pixie's little face peaking over the brush. When I'm finished, I call out, "ok guys all done. I'm heading back into the house and you can come and eat." And they come running.

I think my big boy might have been shot. The side you can't see was messed up and he was limping. Here's more about communication. As I was pointing my camera with the long lens at him, he looked up at me and I told him, "you know you are safe here and I would never hurt you, but if you see another human pointing things, run away as fast as you can." He stood still for me, but right after I finished taking pictures, my neighbor who loves the deer, came outside with his video camera. The buck took one look at him and took off. Go figure.

Now is there an animal behavior expert who can tell me if they know what I'm saying, or is it the tone of my voice or what? But it really is amazing.

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