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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Never Say Never

I am a photographer. These days I shoot mainly wildlife and what interests me for pleasure, and horses for business.  Back in the day I was a wedding photographer. Shooting a wedding is a lot like running a marathon, it's hard physical work.  But it was oh so worth it.  To be part of the joy of the day and the pictures were gorgeous.  Then came this new species of person, celebrated on tv and print, the wonderful "bridezilla."  Bridezilla's killed it for me, and I swore, never again, and I do mean, never. 

But they say time heals all wounds, and maybe the economy has knocked the wind out of the species; because I actually agreed to shoot a wedding this spring and I 'm actually looking forward to it. Who knew?

Now for things on other fronts:

1.  If my wonderful horse, Miss Kitt, checks out when she has her internal exam this spring, I'm going to breed her.  I'm physically having to stop myself from buying John Lyon's "Bringing up Baby," until I know that she's pregnant and everything is fine.  Don't want to jinx anything here.

2.  I have organized my underwear, sweaters, jewelry and shoes. I stand looking at all the wonderful organization and think this is worth it. Notice I haven't mentioned the chamber of horrors, my office. But I'm slowly getting there.  It certainly makes getting dressed in the morning easier.

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