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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekly Report

Well the boys are behaving themselves a bit better. I was so furious at them for chasing away the fawns, so that they could get all, and I do mean all of the food.  One day I went so far as to stand outside and yell at them, "You greedy bastards, how dare you chase away the babies.  They're just little babies and they don't know how to forage and you do."  Should I add that the does did not behave a whole lot better.  I actually saw one bite and kick her fawn, driving it away.  I really couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Anyway, the boys are allowing the does and the fawns to eat first.  It really is amazing.  The does and the fawns come and eat in a few distinct areas.  Then the bucks come straight to the areas the does have left for them. I'm not sure if thinking that they're sharing is Disneying the situation, but it sure does seem that way.

Oh yes we had a new visitor last night a possum came right up the house and started rooting around in the bird seed and acorns I leave out for the squirrel.  He looked right at me through the glass slider and continued eating.  The cold is making all the animals do things they wouldn't normally do, so I guess I've added another creature to the ever growing number that come to my "all you can eat cafe."

On the home front.  I hung several hooks on the guest room wall and I'm going to hang up my necklaces.  Currently they reside in a pile in a dresser drawer.  Other than that I'm procrastinating away.  There's so much to go through, I just want to throw up my hands and run screaming out of the house.

Speaking of going out of the house.   Today is my day to help out at the barn, so off I go.  I'll be posting more later.

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