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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010

  We had a record breaking snowfall, Friday night into Saturday. Here's all I have to say about it, "OK California, do you ever send us your 70 degree, low humidity bright sunshiny days?  No, you don't so why are you pushing all your miserable weather on us? This is so unfair.  In these pictures you are looking at over three feet of snow. 

"Three feet? " I can just hear all of you from the western states. "You are such a little weenie!  Try ten feet and then we'll talk."

But we are so not used to anything like this.  This is the most snowfall the state has had in one event, since they started keeping records.  And it's like walking through cement.  It's awful.  Tommy and I have been shoveling snow for two days.  Well he's shoveling more than I am.  Someone has to keep the home fires burning.

I went out back yesterday to try and feed the deer and couldn't go two inches. Then I slipped and fell.  It was horrible.  I lay on my back and tried to turn over so I could regain my footing.  When I fineally managed to get upright, it took ten minutes to get back to the house.

I hoped that they wouldn't try to get here, but two of them did.  It was obvious their walk had been difficult and they were tired.  I walked out on the deck and the look that they gave me was heartbreaking.  Tommy came out and said, "Don't worry girls we'll get something figured out," as they left. 

He then turned and asked me what type of containers we had he could hurl out there, so I looked around and found an old plastic pretzel bin which I filled with food.  He threw it  almost out to the tree line and this morning I saw from the tracks in the snow that they had found it. So, today, I decided I would shovel a path as far as the container.  I didn't have to shovel all the way down to the ground, just deep enough enough so that I could walk.  It worked, I did it.  I got their feed down to where I know they'll find it.

Oh yes, muck boots and ice walkers are wonderful.

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