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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why I Hate This Winter

Why do I hate this weather, let me count the ways.  Here is a description of a typical day.
I get up at 5:00 am.  I do this so that I have time to work on my journal.  I take a shower, I fix my hair and then I get dressed to go to work.  Yes I have a job.  First I put on my underwear.  Then I put on my long johns and thermal tee.  Then I put on my work outfit.

I next head downstairs and feed the cats.  If I have a photo job after work I put my camera and heavy as lead lens in my work bag.  Then I stick my shoes in the work bag and put on my lined boots with ice walkers.  Then I put on my down jacket, hat and scarve and mince out to the car.   I drive to the light rail and then try and run while mincing to the train.  When I get downtown I get off the train and line up  to walk through the one cut through the snow mountain to cross the street.  Then I mince through the glare ice to get to the one cut through the snow mountain to cross the street to my job.  Once there, I head to the lady's room to take off my clothes, peel off my long underwear, put my clothes back on, and work for eight hours in a  high stress job.

Then I go to my photo assignment, take the shots, take the lightrail back home and head out to feed the deer.  After that I cook dinner, do the dishes, and drop exhausted into bed In order to start the whole nightmare over the next day. 

Oh yes, I do have photo processing deadlines, nervous brides and a horse I don't see, because I can't get there.  I promise you, I'm going to do a happy happy dance when it fineally is spring.

Grump, crab, whine, complain.

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  1. Well it sounds like a good day- except for the snow and icy and layers of underwear part. And the part where you don't see your horse- that also sucks. I've been in the same boat lately!
    Thanks for the good advice on my blog too.
    I am a published writer- but I still feel incompetent most days! I helps to know there are others out there struggling like I do!