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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Fawns Are Too Funny

I was sitting at my desk in my office when I saw that the doe and two fawns were foraging across the field.  Our house sits on a hill and in the winter you can see across several acres.  So I figured that I could give them a little snack, and I went outside and put out some food.  I called them and sure enough, up they came.

The fact that I can call them and they listen and then come, still after one year, amazes me.   So back inside I went and watched them.  The doe came first, hiding her fawn behind the tree line.  She has adopted an orphan fawn, but he doesn't seem to mind as her own.  He was out doing other things, not listening to mama. When she decided that the coast was clear, she somehow let her fawn know that it was safe to come eat.

So delicately, quietly, up came little Pixie and started eating. Seeing that everything was safe, Pamela, the doe left her on her own for awhile.  It didn't take Gus, gee I've named  the little orphan fawn, two minutes to come sproinging on up as if he had springs on the bottoms of his hooves.  He stood right in front of her as if to say, "Come on.  Let's play.  It's so much fun to sproing in the snow."  As if to prove his point, he began hopping around, looking at her.

You could just see her saying to him, "Oh no, mama says I have to stay right here and she'll be mad at me if I move.  Besides," she lowered her head and flicked her left ear, indicating the small grove of trees," Everybody knows that the horribly, hideous fawn eating monster lives in the deep woods.  And he is just waiting for the disobedient fawn to wander away from her mother to pounce and drag her away."  Pixie's eyes grew huge as explained.

"That," Gus dismissed as he landed on all four feet, "Is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.  Has anyone ever seen a fawn eating monster?  What exactly does this fawn eating monster look like?

Pixie licked her lips and thought for awhile and then said, "Well I really don't know, but Evie told me he had long fangs and sharp claws...."

"You are such a baby, " Gus laughed. "There is no such thing as a fawn eating monster."

"I am not and there is too"

It was at this junction that up popped Pamela and gathering the fawns,  she herded them down into the meadow.

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