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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Fun Just Keeps On Keeping On

Today was the day Miss Kitt was to be AI'd.  I was a wreck all day, worrying about it.  So finally I decided, I was going to be there and I didn't care about the consequences.  I announced I was taking two hours personal time and went out to the barn.  No semen.  I called FedEx and they said it would be there by 4:30.   4:30 arrived and no semen. I called FedEx, oh my the shipment was delayed in Denver because of technical difficulties with the plane. Did they say this, or have this on their website. No they did not. They kept saying it would be there by 4:30.  After I screamed and shrieked and threatened, they promised me it would be there before noon tomorrow. Then I called my vet and she wanted it there by 9:30am because of her obligations.  So I called FedEx again and the toady who talked to me said that the only guarantee I had was that it would be there by 4:30 not before noon like the other agent said, and he told me that that agent had no right to tell me that it would be there in the morning..  The barn owner is talking lawsuits, the vet is going to come back at $100 a pop and we're starting over.  I'll be on vacation.  The stallion station is wonderful and I will never ship anything FedEx again.  Hello angry Gods could you please cut me a break here.

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