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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Back and How to Look Good on a Horse Part 1

Well here I am back.  I got sick and we had to leave our vacation early. What did I have?  According to a nurse practitioner who boards her horse where I board, Kitt.  I had one of the resistant varieties of the swine flu. Trust me on this.  You don't want to have this thing.  Get yourself vaccinated.  I cannot remember being this sick.  Yuck.

Anyway, I have several volunteers ready and willing to have a horse portrait taken for free.  Problem is they;re all twenty/thirty somethings.  We're going to look at them for poses only.

Here's the thing.  We're all, or most of are, fifty somethings and we we look at pictures taken of us when we were sixteen, twenty-five, or thirty and then look at recent photos, compared to what we used to look like, to ourselves, we look like hideous, wrinkled, haggy old bats. Maybe to ourselves, but not to the world.

Look in the mirror.  Really look at yourself.  If you ride everyday, you've got a good body. If you've got a few lines on your face, we can work with this. Part of being a professional portrait, wedding photographer is being a good stylist and I'm going to show you some tips and tricks. 

Here's your homework assignment.  This week, when you're at the feed shop or the grocery store or WallMart, I want you to look at women you think are your age. Compare yourself to them, not the stick insects in the short shorts. You're looking pretty good girls. Compared to the overweight ladies in the pink stretch outfits, with too much makeup or none at all, trust me you still  turn more than a few masculine heads. 

More later.

Oh yes, I have a few posts that I was working on from before I got sick.  First, "was it the vortex or vacation"? Guess what, I finealy calmed down,  And then there's  "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore,"about my time on the Navajo reservation. and finally, "Come in reverence" doesn't begin to describe Chaco Canyon and the Anasazi.  It's more like, "walk in awe, walk with respect and then leave with so many questions for which there are no answers. "


  1. Ok- I do that Walmart thingy ALL of the time. And I compare myself to people that I went to school with ( yes, I've never left my ancestral home and see a few of the girls regularly)And I tell myself the same thing- I don't look too bad! But I still want to look better in the photos that show me on my horse!
    I hope you are feeling better now. My hubby got sick last time we went to Arizona and we were in Sedona for five (glorious) days.
    I love Oak Creek Canyon and Toozigoot and Flagstaff... There is a spiritual energy there that I felt as we drove through. So I had to stop, I've never been sorry. It is heaven on Earth as far as I am concerned.

  2. There is a spiritual engergy and it is amazing. I felt it, once again I felt like I was on holy ground.