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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Horse Is A Floozie

I always knew that my sweetpea of a quarterhorse girl was somewhat, shall we say, loose. Her favorite thing to do when in season, was to sashay herself to the windows of the geldings' stalls and then run through her "winky routine." Those of you who don't have mares, just imagine a "winky routine" that does not involve the eyes.

Well Kitt was AI'd yesterday. The AI process involves running a tube into the vagina.  Well, because this is a sort of, kind of, family friendly blog, I will not tell you what Miss Kitt did during the process. Sufice it to say, my vet said, "hmm, it's obvious this mare has had live cover and enjoyed it."

Did she basically skip out of the stall with a smile on her face? Did I feel like asking her if she wanted a cigarette?  (That comment certainly date yours truely.)  Am I the owner of an equine porn star?

Stay tuned.  Bringing up baby is getting more interesting by the minute.

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