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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hi There Ya'll

I was told on another blog that some folks have been visiting and not saying howdy. Well that's all right, but if you see anything you really like, maybe you could sort of say how do.  I don't bite and the people who comment regularly are really great (Some of them are from California, but we know they can't help living where they do and don't hold it against them.  Just kidding, I'd kill to live in California.) Anyway, whether you comment or not, I'm glad you stopped by.


  1. Most of the time I say hi. When I don't I'm generally in a rush and I like to be thoughtful so I come back later.

  2. DarC, this isn't you. Someone on another blog said that they stopped by here regulary, but were too whatever to comment. You my friend are great.

  3. Lurking seems to be much more popular than commenting from what I can tell. Me, I tend to comment if I can. My computer doesn't always cooperate however and I am notorious for assumming my comment has been accepted when sometimes I need to do another step. I swear, I will never get truly used to computers. LOL