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Monday, December 6, 2010

In Which I Called the Cops

I wanted to post this picture with a heading like "the kid's are alright," or "we are family, I've got all my sisters with me." But when I was sitting up in my office I heard seven rifle shots.  The redneck assholes are luring them in and then shooting them in the headlights. That's why they're terrified. Shooting dear in the headlights is against the law. So I called the law and I will everytime they do this.

I don't have anything against the legitimate hunters. I've seen what starving looks like and a clean shot beats that anyway you want to talk about it.  But to lure them in and then shoot them in the headlights. There are no words to describe how I hate those losers.  So the girls are not alright, but we keep keeping on.


  1. Oh Maia, thinking of you and your girls and hoping all are okay.

  2. That sucks. You didn't really need one more thing to worry about.

  3. I feel the same - I can't stand poaching. It just screams "I AM A CHICKEN SHIT LOOSER THAT CAN'T GET A DEER LEGALLY!"

  4. Oh man! I would be livid! But you want your girls to stay close as not to be shot- besides it's against the law to shoot does- at least here in California it is! Maybe some vietnamese kingee sticks in the tree stands? Some pepper in their boots, a potato in their gas tank?
    What? You say that's not Christmasy? I agree...