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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holy Holodeck and Only In Baltimore

Well one day last week I was noodling around online and found out about this new game for some new gaming system that's supposed to be the end all be all.  In this game, you can place yourself in a movie and become part of the action, For example you or some avatar of you could take the place of Vivien Leigh in Gone With Wind.  My, my did  Startrek  predict the future of what. First we have cell phones, then e readers and now the holodeck.  What's next, will we soon be beamed up?  Or, are we going to be treated to sove version of  George Orwell's feelie? I'm placing my money on the feelie.

Now there were two five alarm fires in downtown Baltimore with twenty four hours. Makes you wonder doesn't it.  The first fire was in the historic red light district known as block.  It started in some strip club and moved quickly into the Gaiety Book and Sexual Accoutrement Store.  Now if you were a college educated, female television reporter with more than one year's on air experience, standing at the scene, microphone in hand, how would you pronounce the name of that book store?

If you guessed that she pronounced it like an adjective describing the alternative lifestyle choice of a guy named "Eddie," you would be correct.  Yep she stood right there and said, I kid you not, "The the fire has engulfed the whole Gay Eddie bookstore."  At first I thought she just made a mistake, but no folks she went on to talk about the historic Gay Eddie several times.  I thought I'd have hysterics.

And wouldn't you know there were so many helpful guys out there at the scene rushing to give aid and comfort to the strippers and pole dancers fleeing the flames in their tasteful costumes. And they said chivalry was dead..  Warms the heart it does.

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  1. Hahah!!! That Gay Eddie is quite a guy!!
    Sounds like some religious fanatic is having a hey day in Baltimore!
    I wouldn't mind a little bit of Star Trek Action- Scottie Beam me up! Transporter- send me to Baltimore to visit my friend Maia!
    Bleeeepppdeeppllee ( that is the sound of the communicator in case you didn't recognize it!)