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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Bit of This and That

Well here I am putting together a wedding album, not such a big deal, except this was my first gay wedding shoot and album.  The  reception was wonderful and I have to say there was a whole lot of love in that venue. The happy couple got married in DC where it's legal and had their reception here. I took the fru fru out of what I usually do, and if I did have to say so myself, I'm rather proud of the finished product.

Now on to "there was no joy in mudville," bit.  How could the Ravens have lost after such a superior first half?  That game was disappointing in the extreme.  After being bedecked in purple, I think the city has gone into mourning, not to mention we had to lose to those miserable ratbag Steelers. Oh well, there's always next year.

And while I'm on the subject of lousy luck, I feel compelled to mention the ongoing stink bug issue.  Last summer, the whole state and maybe the whole east coast was infested with stink bugs. Stink bugs have no predators.  Who would want to eat a smelly, repulsive bug like that.  Well after a summer spent swatting them, squashing them, trying to remove them, since they flew in every time you opened the door, did they die off like they were supposed to this winter.  No they did not, the little miseries must laid a million eggs in every warm corner they could find. So there still around. I kid you not.  Those hideous bugs are still around.


  1. My dog ate a stinkbug once and then pushed his muzzle across the floor for at least 5 minutes trying to get the taste out of his mouth! I finally had mercy and gave him a greenie to gnaw, it seemed to help. I hate those things though, they sit in one spot forever and then make a crazy kamikaze leap, usually right at you. Gross.

  2. The bug we have that we call stink bugs don't fly (thank God), so I don't know what you have for stink bugs back east...but I beg you to keep them there!!! Seriously, I feel for you...and invasion of anything is awful...such as pack rats!!

  3. My neice married her girlfriend last June and I gave the shower. It was a great experience. Of course California is wishy washy on the whole concept of gay marriage. One week it is in and another it is out. Strange for such a liberl state don'cha think!
    Our stink bugs are black and stick their bottom in the air- they smell only a little bit. Not even very many of them around any more. California is great on pest control- I was actually an All- Terrain Med Fly Warrior for about 16 years.

  4. we have good and bad stink bug years - usually depends on what kind of winter we have as to how many die off. The last 3 or 4 years have been pretty good years so I suppose we are do for a bad year.