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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Downside of a Photographic Career

I  know a lot of you think, gee whis (sp) if I only had a photographic career, my life would be perfect. Well maybe. It depends on your definition of perfect. Does perfect mean that you have to tell a bride, I'm really sorry, but the price is the price, because she doesn't understand the work involved in shooting a wedding? Does perfect mean that the thought of shooting something just because,  makes you develop a nervous twitch.  I, personally love needlepoint. It doesn't involve price negotiations and photoshop. And maybe, here is the most important thing, does perfect mean that you always have to show up and give your personal best at the same time your jollying your clients.  Trust me all clients need to be jollied and cosseted and cajoled to show up in a way that will make them look good. If you love photography and don't love client cosseting, hours in photoshop, and knowing what they expect; don't do it. Stay where you are. I love shooting professionally, but the work involved is horrendous and the price it exacts is high.


  1. Amen sister. While not a full-time pro, I have done many horse events for money. Shooting the event is the fun part, the hours after on the computer are Not.Fun.At.All.

  2. Good advice. I admit I've been wavering because of the long hours involved in post-processing, which takes even longer with me, because I have to research how to do what I'm trying to do. I'm also at the stage where I have to keep sending jobs back to printers, because I'm not happy with the results. That sucks up a lot of time and frustration. The other day I had my son post a humorous family portrait to Facebook before I even had a chance to post process it. That's embarrassing.

  3. I guess it's like anything else that is consumer based. You better love it because the part about dealing with the consumer is the pits. That's what the horse trainers say too. BTW

  4. I think that's great advise...I'll keep it as a hobby for R&R and just enjoy the challenge of getting better!

  5. Hey - just out of curiosity how much do you charge for a wedding. I did two this summer and had a heck of a time collecting on the second one. If you don't want to post it you can email me - -
    the gal just didn't understand that it wasn't just the time spent at the wedding it was process the photos too!

  6. Well, here's the deal. I charge $1000 for me to show up and give you a disk. I charge $1500 for me to come and give you a little website where you're friends and family can come and look at your pictures. I charge $3000 to give you a website and an album. I am charged $1500 for the album, so I double it for the clients.

    I don't do anything without a check in my hand.
    If they can't give me a check. I don't shoot the wedding.