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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Think She Might Be Cowy

Well up until I started getting into this foal raising thing, I had never heard the the word, "cowy," used as a descriptive adjective.  In fact if someone had told me that "cowy" was an adjective, I would have assumed that it was negative.  You know the old, "Doesn't Mabel look cowy in that outfit?  What on earth possessed her?" Or, "did you hear what Janine did? How could she have been so cowy?"

So when I read that the stallion's offspring tended to be cowy, I was puzzled to say the least. Nothing about Jolie looked like a cow, she's a precious little quarter horse and extremely bright. It wasn't until I was explaining this whole cowy business to a woman at the barn, a transplant from Denver, that I found out it didn't mean stupid or fat or stupid and fat; it meant that horse has a natural aptitude for cutting cows.  Well we don't have any cows and another border is being down right stingy about volunteering her goats, so I thought to myself, "Self I guess I just have to wait until she's a lot older to find out if she has any natural talent and ability in cutting.I also immediately went to UTube to see what this whole business looked like.

Fast forward to last weekend.  A friend of mine came to see Jolie and brought her dog, a shepherd chow mix.  Well Jolie took one look at that dog, ran right up to him, lowered her head and gave him her full attention.  If the dog took two steps to the left, she took two steps to the left, and she never stopped looking right at him.  She mirrored him, step by step, until the dog having had with it with being stalked by a foal, ran off.

So folks, is this cowy behavior?


  1. Thanks for the laugh! I don't know what to look for in "cowy" horses, but I do know what it means. I think I like your version better though, cowy would be a much more useful word used that way!!!

  2. Sounds promising! Where I come from being 'cowy' is a good thing!

  3. I'm not sure what to look for in a foal as far as cowy attributes. I know when you first put your two or three year old on cows, if the horse tries to jump out of the pen, it's a good thing!