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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Messing About with HDR

I finally got up the nerve to try to do an HDR, and not being out west, I thought I'll just try it with what I've got at hand.  So I did the three exposures, automated them in photoshop,uploaded it to picnic, worked on it there and tada here it is:  My very first HDR.

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend.  I'm off to buy a colorful ball.  That's what we're up to now with herself, we kick the ball, she chases and if she touches it with her nose, she gets scratched and a treat. She can also step into the hula  hoop no matter where we put it.  And as far as her little snit fits go, well she decided to see if she could rear up on people and or back kick them.  That lasted all of two weeks.  Ever time she tried it, she got smacked , we hit the ground with a wiffle bat right next to her and she was told in no uncertain terms "that her behavior was not nice!"  Of course she had to try it with several different people only to find out that it worked nowhere. at no time, with no one.  

We're doing all of this "enrichment" because she's extremely bright and being the only foal this year has no one to play with. We obviously can't let her rear up, chase or kick people, but she can rear up on, chase and kick around the ball.

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