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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Against My Better Judgement

How do you do ladies and gentlemen, I am Sir Dweezil of Inwood and I would like to introduce my good friend and boon companion, Mr. Squigman Igmeowkowski.

We are a couple of bon vivants and sophisticated men about town.

Maia:  Eyes Rolling

Dweezil, here, Squigman don't you have something to say to that dear lady out west, Ms. Cynthia Susan over at the Rough Strings Ranch

Squig here, Cindy Sue, you are one red hot mama, even though your a dog.

Whap and a smack on the head

Dweezil what did you do that for? What did I say? It's not like she's that tasty little Siamese down the road and I'm not really into dogs.

Whap, Whap, Whap.

Cynthia Susan, Mr. Igmeowkowski is obviously not himself today.  Maybe he had too much anesthesia at his last visit to the vet. You see, he can't seem to stop fighting, poor lad. What he meant to say is that when we read your latest post, we were overwhelmed with your intelligence and canine loveliness.

Maia here, where are my muck boots, the you know what is getting pretty thick around here.

It's Dweezil again, muck boots that reminds me of our locale, that little slice of heaven where we live.

Dweezil, don't say it.  You know what's going to happen if you say it.

Hmm, like I said, Sqiggman is obviously suffering from some brain deficiency, because we live in the rolling hills of the horse country of Maryland.

Now you've done it Dweeze. It's here

Hi, I'm a horsie and I can run really fast. Wanna watch me run?

No, Shorty we do not want to watch you run, now go away we're having a conversation here with our adoring readers.

But I want to say.

Zip it.

My name means pretty and I can run really fast.

Zip it.

I won't.  Unless you let me talk, I'm going to hold my breath till I turn blue.

Feel free.

Look what you've done Dweeze, you've gone and ruined it.  It must be your hairdo. It's made you stupid. What kind of boy cat gets a "sanitary cut."

Am I blue yet?

I'll show you a sanitary cut. Come here you little weasel.


Before this degenerates any further, I think you all have pretty much proved my point.


Oh good grief, Now there's three of them.


  1. Hilarious post! I take it your filly has recovered from her infection?

  2. LOL very funny - nice to the little guy so healthy looking!

  3. Hi Maia! I opened my blog to anonymous comments in case you are still having trouble commenting. Glad all is well in your world!