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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Intentions

My online bud, the California Cowgirl posted some of her intentions for the new year.  Here are some of mine.

1. You're going to see and hear more of me.  I have several posts plotted out but unwritten.

2.  See #1.  I think I need to post a few more photography lessons.  From what I've been seeing you guys really need to understand where the sweet spot is.  Hello this is a photography class, not an X rated film.

3.  I intend to promote myself more.

4. I need to take time out to just be. I've been far to busy being busy.

5. I need to connect on a regular basis with my friends and family.

6. I think I need to redesign this blog. The music is boring me, God only knows what it's doing to you.

7. I will diet and exercise. I will I will I will.

8. Oh yes, now that I'm dragged into it kicking and screaming, I will try to be more tolerant of our US criminal justice system. I am going back to court in January.  If I could only find that prescription pad and burn it. Oh well.

9.  Howard Street has been quiet lately, but that doesn't mean the loons are gone. I don't think this counts as an intention, maybe it should be counted as an addendum to point 1.  Say point 1c. (Rereading this point 8 should be point 1b or maybe we're at point 1..a..27)

Have the Happiest New Year.  We were going to go away, but Tommy went to see War Horse and now he's so depressed, he just wants to stay at home.   I, personally, have no intention of seeing it.  I remember Bambi, Dumbo and ET.  There are certain movies I know better than to go see.  If any of ya'll go, I'll be interested in your reaction. 

This isn't a cheery ending.  So pooh on that. We are all going to have a lovely year and that's my last word on the subject.


  1. I saw War Horse. Yes, I cried, but they kind of over-did it with the tear-jerking.

    On the bad side - the "horse training" portrayed was so unrealistic as to be laughable. Also, the mother was unreal as well, in regard to the father and his issues, typical hollywood patriarchal gloss-over of reality.

    On the good side - for a war movie the gratuitous blood and gore was minimal. They also did an outstanding job conveying the humanity and inhumanity of both sides of the conflict. They did a great job conveying the scale of the impact on the equine population as well as touching lightly on the impact to the civilian population in the war-torn country.

    My grandmother had a WWII cavalry horse, and she said he was wonderful except that any time he heard a whistle he would run, as fast and as far as he could, in a straight line; once even pulling a wagon over a picnic table in his flight. This movie illustrates why.

  2. All good intentions - I agree with them all.

    Thanks for the heads up on War Horse - I don't need that right now. I was going to see it this weekend, so I think I will see Sherlock instead.

  3. I was afraid that War Horse would be kind of a downer so we opted to go see "We Bought A Zoo". It was really cute. Thanks for fixing the comments, I wasn't able to post here for some reason. Happy New Year!

  4. I just had to laugh on your depressing blog- Hahah!
    I hope you will do more photo stuff! I miss it!
    I hope you will get healthy- I want to have you around to laugh at my posts!
    I hope this year will be stellar- I'm sick of crappy years!
    So you see- your blog was all about me this time ( teehee!)
    Rock on 2012- us gals won't ever give up!