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Sunday, February 24, 2013

It Hits the Fan Part 1

"What the f**!" Sqig demanded looking at the new sidebar.  "What have you done Dweeze?  What's this featuring "Sir Dweezil" with appearances by his "wingman" Squig?  And what's with that picture!  I look like a damn idiot in that picture.  I don't like this one bit."

"Now, now, Sqigs, let's all calm down here.  When you hear my rationale, I'm sure you're going to like the sidebar." Dweezil said, putting a conciliatory paw around Squig.

"I'm waiting," Squig replied laying his ears back.

"There can be only one featuring credit and since I was here first, that gets to be me. Now I know in the past I've referred to you as my boon companion, but I'm trying to introduce a fun, edgy element into the site, while still keeping the overall classy and refined feel.  And since wingman is such a popular term these days, I decided to use it."

"Soo", Sqig responded, throwing off the conciliatory paw, "let me get this straight. You get to be the featuring element with the great picture while I get to be the edgy, fun element with the stupid picture. Want to know what I think about that?"  Here's what I think about that...

Smack, whack, smack.

"Oh why," bemoaned Dweezil, in a totally ill used and put upon tone of voice, "is violence always the first response of the ignorant?"

"Why stop at Sir Dweezil? " Sqig hissed, "Why not King Dweezil?  Maybe Maia can photoshop a tiara on top of your head.Or better yet, I understand there's going to be a vacany in the Vatican.  Why don't you apply and then you could be Pope Dweezil.  Pope Dweezil, the...."

"Pope Dweezil, the what?" Dweezil asked innocently.

"Give me time. I'm trying to think of a big word that describes you."

Dweezil sat down and curled his tail around his legs.  Yawning a huge yawn that showed all of his teeth to their best advantage, thought to himself. "If I'd known I was going to be hanging around here all afternoon waiting for him to think of a big word to describe me, I would have brought a few mice with which to amuse myself while waiting."


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