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Monday, March 1, 2010

It Still Looks Like Winter, But It Feels Like Spring

It sure does look like winter.  There's snow on the ground and where there isn't snow, there's mud.  But look at that golden light. And the songbirds are back. Don't you know they took one look at what they came home to and shrieked.  However, the sun is stronger and it stays light longer and its warmer.  Today the high was 45 degrees.  Now that might not seem too warm to those of you in Florida or southern California; but when you 've had 18 degrees, with 40 mile per hour wind gusts, this feels like heaven.

Pamela is definitely pregnant and it looks like she's having twins.  More wonderfulness to look forward to.  I can hardly wait to go out to the barn and see my favorite girl, Miss Kitt. Winter can toss at us what it will, but spring is on the way.

PS: Today was the first day I didn't have to wear boots to work.  The snow on the sidewalks is gone and so are my long johns and snow boots. YEAHHH.

Something springy to looks at:

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