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Saturday, May 1, 2010

800 Pictures Down to 150 or Baby Get Your Glow On

This is the down side.  Remember how thrilled I was when I looked all of my shots. Well I still am, sort of kind of.  I have just gone through 800 pictures, coverted 300 from  raw to TIFFS, gone through them again and singled out 150 that will go to the bride.  Mind you that this bride was a little heavy and so in every picture of her, she had to be cut down. Then I had to put the glow on the pictures and now I'm going to sharpen them, convert them to a jpeg for printing and then convert them to a view only jpeg for the slide show. It gets a bit daunting,  Then there's my problem person.  In every wedding there is one.  That's usually the child that won't stop making faces or the relative that looks like he or she was weaned on a pickle, or in one instance the bride who drank so much at the reception, you could have stood her out on Charles Street and used her face for a stop light. In this wedding it was the overweight bridesmaid, without shapewear, in the slinky dress.  Hello, if you weigh 300 pounds and they've put you in clingy chiffon, invest in Spanx. I can cut you down, I can't erase the quivering bulges.  And if you are that size and find yourself in this situation, make the best of it, by trying to look pleasant.  Don't make the poor wedding photographer spend over two hours looking at pictures of you, trying to find one where you don't look like you could spit nails.  Ahh, the joys of the artistic life.  But, I do get paid to do this and most of the pictures make me extremely happy and some make me more than happy.

I hope some of you are trying the can exercise and will be ready for the next lesson on how to use fstops.

PS:  I watched my horse, Kitt, ovulate.  The vet was giving her an ultrasound and it was just at the right time.  Way cool.

PPS:  The does are driving away last year's fawns in anticipation of the new babies to come. I've got a shell shocked group of almost yearlings at the all you can eat cafe.


  1. I guess I'm naive but I didn't realize you could "slim down" fat brides. Do you charge extra for that?

    It does make me wonder what the world is coming to though. If the fantasy wedding has fantasy pictures.........what does that say about the people involved. Is their relationship real or is it build on a fantasy too?

    Sorry, I didn't mean to get off on a tangent, but it does make me wonder.

  2. They all want to look like super models. It's what they pay me for. They've seen it so much on tv and in magazines, it's what they expect. You give them what they want. What does it say about society. I don't know. Sometimes I think about your average wedding, which costs upwards of $30,000 and wonder, what is the thinking. But, I'm not paid to think about that, I'm paid to deliver a product, which I do.

    Trust me, you're not the only one who wonders.