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Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh My She Lost Ten Pounds Overnight

OK, here's one of my favorite photoshop tricks.  It works like a charm and it shaves at least ten pounds off your subject.  Here's how you do it.

I'm going to assume we're using windows, here.

1.  Open your picture in PS or PS Elements.
2.  Hit control A - note the whole shot has been selected.
3.  Hit control T - we now have handles on the sides of the picture.  Look up you will see the percentage of the transformation.  Take the left handle and move it to the right until the percentage is 94%.  Any more than that and it no longer looks realistic.
4. Click on the crop tool - it will ask you if you want to continue.  Yes
5.  Crop the picture.

Voila, your subject has just lost ten to fifteen pounds.  The desire not to be sued is keeping me from showing you a before and after.  Just trust me this works.

Hope your enjoying your holiday.


  1. I was wondering how you do that. I've had Photoshop for years and am just now learning how to use it since my photography class gives me assignments that require the use of software. I've been trying to start watermarking my photos, but every time I sit down at the Mac to work on it, I get interrupted and have to abandon my self-education. My goal is to get a watermark set up by the end of the day today. I'm not answering the phone. I'm not answering the door. I'm ignoring anyone who walks into the room and says I'm needed somewhere else. I've had this on my To Do List for three months now. It shouldn't take that long.

  2. For the mac, use command A and command T. This is the easiest thing on the planet and what a difference it makes.

  3. can't wait to try it! on myself!