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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello, It's Hot Here, Too

Not being one to complain, oh wait, is that thunder I hear.  Well maybe somebody who only whines on Wednesdays.  All right, whiners are us.  But it's hot, horrible and I hate it. It's the bad air more than anything else. I'm just putting my two overheated cents in, the heat seems to be across the country,

I'll have to take that test.  I'm reading Ride the Right Horse and Miss Kitt is social, passive (she was more aggressive when she was younger, but then weren't we all) and lazy.  But she's a sweetpea and I'm hoping for a social baby.

Well, I'm going to turn the air down to 65, open up the freezer door and crawl in.

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  1. It's finally hot here - but I am loving every minute of it!