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Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Which We Started Training

Don't you just love the "oh puleeze" look. This is the mommy horse Miss Kitt and this is her usual, typical reaction to training.  After we get the "look"  she always does what's asked of her.   Now depending on what she's been asked to do, she will either get over it and be her sweet snugly self, or she will act like you've broken her heart, hurt her feelings, etc. .  And I know I shouldn't laugh but I do. (Oh yes that's not me, that's trainer extraordinaire, Nina.)

So since we're having a foal and since the foal has to be trained, and I have to do the training.  I'm practicing on Kitt and I decided it was never to soon to start.  There's just one thing, it's 97 degrees, with 90% humidity, low barometric pressure and bad air.  So that's sort of limits things.  I decided we'd work on getting a bath, which Kitt just hates.  So we get to the bathing area, she sees the hose, starts her squirming away two step, I give her a good yank on the lead line, tell her in no uncertain terms that she is so getting the bath and then she stood still, like the good trouper she is, let me bath her scrape her and spray her with fly spray.  I unhooked the lead line at the same time one of the women from the barn was leading her horse to the mare field. I swear to God, she put her nose in the air, refused to look at me and followed the mare into the field. I trotted after them and looked at Kitt who had scooted into the run in shed.  She looked at me, like "how could you," And unfortunately, I guess, I just laughed and said Pussy Cat Horse, you know I love you but we've got be up to speed with this training thing before the baby gets here.

I know that a lot of you are going to think she doesn't respect me. Well maybe she doesn't but she does love me, she puts her head out of the stall, in the summer when she hears my car, and in the winter, she's right up at the fence when I come to get her. I'll keep you posted on my training.  Oh yes, we've done all of this before, so none of it should come as a shock to her.

I decided to leave you with something pretty.

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  1. Great idea to start polishing up the training skills! Even if Kitt knows it all already it will improve your perceptions and most importantly your reaction time - babies are fast and the window of opportunity to prevent/correct behavior is therefore short.