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Friday, July 9, 2010

Horses Behaving Badly or Not

My girl, Kitt, loves foals. She would like to bogard every foal on the farm.  Last year, when I noticed that they weaned one of their foals, late born, too soon; I suggested that they put Kitt out there with them, which they did. So Kitt and the now yearlings and two year olds are best buds.  Kitt loves to put her face over the fence and then the yearlings, and two year olds and Kitt have a love fest.

Well, Belle who does not love foals is in the pasture, next to the yearlings and she has evil moods.  She put her head over the fence like Kitt does and the yearlings and two year old ran up to be loved. When Lexie got there first and was waiting for a mature mare to love her up, Belle wheeled around and kicked the cr**p out of her.  Lexie was so upset, she got her hooves tangled in the rope fencing and fell over.  I immediately called for help and ran over to see what I could do.

What happened next was interesting.  Lexie got up, and the group of yearlings and fellow two year olds, gathered around her. They put their necks over her and generally loved her up. Then Cala, the most feisty of the two year olds, put her head and neck over the fence. When Belle came up, Cala didn't give her a chance, she wheeled around and kicked the cr**p out of Belle. This two year old is a horse that the barn owner thinks is evil and can't be trusted or trained,  I think, if she was willing to defend a pasture mate, with the right training she can be a good horse.  All horse people please weigh in here.

PS: I am so jealous of you slip and sliders. Have the most wonderful party.

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