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Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Time Computer Problems

Hi guys:

I'm having huge time computer problems. My internet conection is toast and my database manager hubby is working himself to death trying to fix the problem.  I miss you guys more than you can know. I'm going to have to email my clients at work and tell them to hang tight their shots are safe, I just can't get them to them. I'm using hubby's work computer to send this, the nazi's at work have you all blocked, so I can't see what you're up to. But understand, all of you have my best wishes and hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Here's the backyard update.  Since I posted about all of the flakes and fruitloops on Howard Street, they've vanished. I was afraid that might happen. But hang tight, they can't stay away for long.

As for the deer, Pammy's this year's fawn, the one I call Cici, not only comes when I call her, but walks right up to me. If Pammy didn't come between us, I think maybe I could pet her.  So stayed tuened, maybe contact is coming soon.

Kitt is wonderful. She is just the best horse in whole world.  I told her last weekend, that she was necessary for my happiness and I swear to you, I understood that I was necessary for hers.

My baby girl, can turn over and lift her head up.  Pretty cool huh. I miss her so much and I can hardly wait until Christmas. Oh yes, I miss her mother, too.  But she is such a sweet baby.  Oh well what can I say.

I'm sitting on gorgeous pictures and I can hardly wait to share them with you.

Take care.  I miss you, and hopefully this will be fixed soon.


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