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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween - Booo

Halloween is a huge deal in my neighborhood.  We get hundreds and I do mean hundreds of trick or treaters and I give out candy to them all from the tall to the small.  Talking about the tall, I realize that I was a teenager in the early neolithic, but somehow back in the day, hulking teenagers did not leave the cave dressed as demented elves or pole dancing angels, determined to grab up as much candy as they could shove into a pillowcase.  What ever happened to zits and not wanting to be fat.  You should see them, I swear, some of them would knock over a five year old just to get their grabby hands into my cauldron of cheap candy. 

Oh well it is fun.  I sit outside by my fire ring and get a huge kick out of the little guys. My all time favorites, were two brothers, maybe four and two years old who came up in adorable grey costumes, complete with cute grey ears. 

 "Oh my are you guys bunnies?" I asked.

"No mam," the oldest one explained in all seriousness, "We be mousies."


  1. We're the opposite. In the 17 years we've lived in this neighborhood, we've never had a single trick or treator come to our neighborhood. Even when we did have kids who lived near us, their parents would drive them into a neighborhood where the houses were closer together and there were more kids out on the street. I used to decorate with my kids, but since they are grown now, they have no interest.

  2. How cute!!!
    Hope all is well, we've been missing your posts!

  3. Not a single trick-or-treat-er at my house either. Oh well. The little ones can be darn cute though. The "mousies" were priceless!

  4. I also love that the mousies called you Ma'am. So sweet. I love kids with good manners!