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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Every Now and Again You Get Lucky

I had a photo shoot on Sunday where everything worked. The light was killer, the horse looked amazing. And the the women; well one looked like a pre raphaelite angel and the other was too hot to trot. I am sitting here looking at the shots going out of my mind. This shoot is every photographer's dream.  This is what make all of the fat brides and the shots that got away worth it. If they let me, I'll show you what I got.


  1. ooh, I hope they let you share!

  2. I hope they will let you post the pics. I saw an incredible sunset after a storm the other night, ran inside to get my camera, had the wrong lens, switched lenses, and by the time I got back outside it was gone, so I know what you mean about all the missed shots.