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Monday, August 1, 2011

Bringing Up Baby Month Two - The Good and Bad

Well after our little trip to New Bolton, I thought  now things are certainly going to settle down.  HA HA HA.  I guess you guys know that we've been sweltering in the east. Two weekends ago, the heat index was between 118 and 120. That Saturday morning, Tommy and I arrived at the barn to find Jolie lieing down, almost comatose, covered in flies with no water in the buckets.  I talked to the barn manager about this as calmly as I could and about how not happy I was that they were in a sweltering stall for close to eighteen hours a day.  When she told me that there was nothing she could do about that.  I thought to myself, "well there's something I can do.  We can move."

And move we did.  It was really heart warming to hear from all the folks who jumped in and offered to take them. But I decided on a barn where I really like the owner's philosophy.  Horses need to be horses.  So we moved.  Now they are on a two acre pasture, with a beautifully built run in shed. The rest of the horses are in the next pasture with easy access to the barn. The girls are getting to know the others and making friends.  Kitt is exhausted but doing well, considering what she's been through.  As for Jolie, she's endearing herself to everyone at the barn.  She has a way of doing that. 

Since the barn owner has never had a foal on his property, he contacted a friend who owns a thourobred breeding farm and she came over to take a look and offer advice.  She said both girls were healthy and doing well. and then she said that in over thirty years of breeding race horses, Jolie was the most perfect foal she had ever seen. The women could hardly believe Jolie was a quarter horse. What can I say.  Quarter horses rule.

PS:  There will be pictures very soon.  She's loosing her baby hair and underneath it, she's a golden palamino.


  1. Oh Maia, thank goodness you showed up when you did! And thank goodness you moved right away. There is absolutely no excuse for empty water buckets - ever! And definitely not in a heat wave when all horses need extra water, never mind a nursing mother! I'm glad you found a nice place and hope you all are very happy there.

    I got your comment over at my blog - YAY!

  2. Have to agree - right choice. It will work out I know it will.