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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Apres Hurricane

For those of you out west, who don't have all of the fun of hurricanes:  the power outages, the damage, the flooding; you are also missing  the weather after a hurricane.  Once it's gone, something wonderful happens.  the air is crisp and cool.  The barometric pressure is up and the humidity is low.  And the sky is so blue it makes you happy just to be alive.  It almost makes it worth it, almost.

Oh yes, about Jolie, her baby hair is shedding out and she's becoming the color of a mocha latte. I'll have pictures of the little cutie later this week.

Oh well back to work.  Do any of you know anything about stink bugs, they're eating my tomatoes.

Oh yes, DarC you forgot to mention how gorgeous the light is right about now.  There is nothing and I mean nothing like September light.  OK, I know it's still August, but the light says September.


  1. Hey Maia!!! I do love the yellowing mellowing of the light at this time of year. There's a line from a Cowboy Junkies song that this weather reminds me of too "...with the last of the sun you can feel the approach of the winter..." Too true. Can't wait for new Jolie pics!

  2. I love September and October. They are the best times for riding, camping and what not!

  3. Yippee! BTW- I changed browsers and now I can comment on your posts!