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Monday, August 15, 2011

Working with a Trainer

We are fortunate, and I do mean fortunate to be working with one of the best trainers in the business, Lita Hughes.

She's been working with us since Jolie came back from New Bolton,  and...

Tap, tap, tap, it's me, Jolie and I have to tell everybody what happened last week.

M. Big sigh, this goes against my better judgement, but go ahead.

J.  Good, Lita and me have been friends for a long time.

M. Lita and I.

J. Whatever, anyway we like to play all kinds of games like step into the hoop.

And wear the hoop

And every time I gets it right, which is all of the time, I get hugged and kissed and given a little treat.  But last week, she did something new, called "let's go for a walk."

I tried very hard to tell her that horsies on this farm, do not walk around on a rope. They get to run free.  But did she listen, no she did not.  So I reared up and got very scary and mean looking.  Here's a picture of me doing that when I was littler.  See how scary and mean looking I am.

M. Yes, I'm sure all of the earthworms, gnats and stinkbugs were just terrified out of their minds.

But you know what happened?  The next thing I knew all four of my feetses were on the ground.  So, I said to myself, ok my feetses are on the ground and that's where they're staying, right here. And then I was moving sideways. I did this three times and then I was walking like a good girl on that rope, getting a kiss on the nose and a peppermint. She didn't holler, she didn't hit me.  She had to be using voodoo. What other explanation could there be?

M. Oh, I don't know. Maybe we're lucky enough to be working with one of the best trainers in the business, and things are progressing nicely.  Look how much fun you've been having.

But I did not want to walk with that rope.  She tricked me and that's not fair.

M. Oh I think it's entirely fair.

No it's not. Not fair, not fair, not fair, NOT FAIR.

M. I can't believe I am actually arguing with a foal.  It is so fair and that's my final word.

not fair, not fair, not fair, not fair, not fair.  Maybe I'll hold my breath till I turn blue.

Oh the joys of the equestrian life.

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